Dirk’s says he’s got two more years, maybe more


It was less than a year ago the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki especially were on top of the world.  They knocked off the Miami Heat, exercising every demon both the franchise and Dirk himself ever had.  Now is the reigning Finals MVP ready to retire?

Not quite, but Dirk does have an idea of how much longer he wants his career to play out.

Enrico Cellini with Ballin’ Europe pulled some quotes from Dirk’s recent interview with “La Gazzetta” and in that interview the big German said he’s going to play out his current contract and make a decision from there.

“I’ll play for at least two more years. Afterward, I’d like to stay in the basketball world. I see myself as a teacher to the kids, but I still don’t know if I’ll do it here in Texas or in Germany,” Nowitzki said.

Here’s the positive San Antonio Spurs fans. You only have watch Dirk’s unstoppable fade-away for probably a couple more seasons.  The bad news is you’ll probably only get another season or two of Tim Duncan. 

Here’s my question for Spurs fans.  Once Duncan and Dirk both retire, who is more likely to rebuild faster, Dallas or San Antonio?