Dirk be hurtin’


The defending champion Dallas Mavericks haven’t exactly been awesome out of the gates. The San Antonio Spurs’ main rival is 9-7, which is good for second in the Southwest but barely gets them in the playoffs as the eight seed. They’re also only three and a half games out of first place in the West so let’s not overstate the problems

Now it looks like Dirk isn’t feeling so great. ESPN Dallas’ Jeff Caplan reported Thursday that Dirk is having trouble bending his knees. 

“I’m having trouble bending my knees,” said Nowitzki, who has been wearing a protective sleeve over the knee, the same one he sprained and missed nine games last season. “I’ve just got to get my legs stronger, get my base back. I’ve got to use my legs in my shot and hopefully they’ll come back soon.”

Caplan said he’s having problems specifically with his right knee, which is the same knee he had problems with last year. Dirk added that his knee is better now than it was three weeks ago. I wouldn’t read too much in to this Spurs fans. Dirk had a lot of problems with his knee last season and still almost single-handedly buried the Heat in the Finals, but it might mean he’s going to miss some upcoming games if the knee doesn’t improve more.