Diaw ‘thirsty’ for titles, getting aggressive


Team France captured EuroBasket gold thanks in part to San Antonio Spurs' Boris Diaw.

Aside from being a veteran presence for France, Diaw upped his game averaging 10.4 points, 3.4 assists, 4.6 rebounds, and shot 47 percent from the field in large part of Boris getting a lot more aggressive and motivated to win titles considering his time on the court is dwindling.

In an interview with French site Ouest France, Diaw admits he took a more aggressive approach to his game with France.

"I try to be more aggressive."

"It's based on the needs of the team. Here we need an inside presence for the game."

Even his long-time teammate and fellow countryman, Tony Parker, likes an aggressive Diaw which makes his game a whole lot easier.

"He is really aggressive this year," appreciates Parker. "He is very aggressive and it helps the game when he is aggressive like that and shoots it, it makes my job easier."
"One of the big reasons why our attack is successful, is because Boris is taking shots."

Factor Diaw came close to winning an NBA title after 10 years in the league and 31-years old, he knows his time is running short if he wants to capture more championships in the NBA or with Team France. And it is this limited time he has left that is making him "Thirst for titles and victories," as Diaw puts it.

Even his French coach, Vincent Collett, recognizes Diaw (and Parker) don't have much time left playing on the court.

"Our two leaders (Parker and Diaw) know very well that they are approaching the end of their career and there is no time to lose," says the French coach.

France qualified for the World Cup in Spain in 204 for a chance to make it to the next Olympic games.

And if the Spurs do return to the Finals for a shot at redemption after last year's Finals heartbreak, seeing Diaw walk away with an NBA title and help guide Team France to the Rio games would just be the right way for his basketball career to come to an end.