Diaw, Bobcats parting ways?


If you watched the San Antonio Spurs play the Bulls and Nuggets in the last week, you know the Spurs had trouble on the glass in both games. With the trade deadline approaching, you’re going to hear a ton of rumors that most likely won’t come to fruition.  Then a bunch of guys that didn’t get traded are going to get bought out and be rumored to go to a contender.  The Spurs will definitely be in on a bunch of those guys too.

Here’s a new name for you.  Boris Diaw.  According to The Charlotte Observer (via Slam Online), Diaw’s agent has asked the Charlotte Bobcats to buy out the power forward’s contract

“The chances of Boris Diaw not finishing the season with the Charlotte Bobcats are growing, with his agent inquiring about a buyout that would free Diaw to sign elsewhere. Bobcats president of basketball operations Rod Higgins said Tuesday that he met with Diaw before the All-Star break about Diaw’s role and his expiring contract. Higgins said he has since had discussions with Diaw’s agent, Doug Neustadt. ‘Boris and I had a meeting prior to the All-Star break, maybe Wednesday before. We talked about quite a few things,’ Higgins said. “The issue with the buyout, it was raised on their side, from Doug. We haven’t gone down that road any further.”

You may have the same opinion of Diaw that I do.  I don’t want to come right out and say it, but if you google Diaw’s name, the second thing that comes up is “Boris Diaw fat.”  He’s always been the type of guy to play his way in to shape.  Here’s what you may not know about Diaw.  For some reason, Phoenix thought they should sign him to a deal that pays him $9 million a year.  Thus he pretty much became toxic despite being a decent player for Charlotte.  This season, despite falling out of head coach Paul Silas’ favor, Diaw is averaging 7.7 ppg, 4.4 apg and 5.6 rpg.  Decent all around numbers. 

Next question is how would he fit in with the Spurs.  I think he’d be a decent fit in silver and black. 

First, he can score from a couple different places on the court.  According to the NBA.com Stats Cube, Diaw is shooting 53 percent in the restricted area and 43 percent from mid-range.  33 percent of Diaw’s scoring comes in the restricted area, 13 percent comes from inside the paint but outside the restricted zone, 22 percent comes from the mid-range and 30 percent comes from non-corner 3’s.  So he shoots from all over, though he probably shouldn’t be taking two and a half threes a game.  His defensive rebounding rate is 17 percent (meaning he collects 17 percent of available rebounds) would be good enough for second on the Spurs.  Also, according to Synergy Sports, Diaw ranks 23rd in the league in defending the roll man in the pick and roll.  So there’s three areas he’d help the Spurs in. 

Another big bonus if the Spurs were to pursue Diaw is the fact that Tony Parker is his best friend.  I’m sure Parker would say “Hey, come try and help us win a title, hang out at my place for three months and see where this goes”.  Lastly, black is a slimming color, which will help Diaw shed that not nice nickname about him.

What say you Spurs fans?  Assume the Spurs can get Diaw for nothing, do you want him?