DeMar DeRozan and Bryn Forbes React to First Team Practice in Months


Saturday afternoon in Orlando, the San Antonio Spurs held their first full team practice since the NBA season was suspended in mid-March.

Speaking with the media Sunday, Spurs guards DeMar DeRozan and Bryn Forbes discussed what it was like to finally be back on the court and living in the NBA ‘bubble.’

“We felt like loose poodles let out of the cage,” said DeRozan of he and his teammates finally being able to practice together.

“It’s hard to stay in ‘basketball shape’ if you’re not playing basketball,” said DeRozan of how it will take time to adjust to playing basketball again, which he was not able to do fully during quarantine.

“Afterwards, you definitely felt it,” continued DeRozan of how his body reacted after his first practice in months.

“My whole teenage and adult life it’s always basketball,” said DeRozan of this being the longest period of time for him personally not playing organized basketball.

“It’s exciting, honestly,” said Forbes of being back on the court. “To get our first look at live action in almost half a year.”

“It’s been the funnest time I’ve had in the last four months,” said Forbes.

“Everybody looked like they were in good shape,” said Forbes of seeing all his teammates practicing for the first time in months.

“I think conditioning for everybody was the big thing,” said Forbes. “There’s nothing like playing. I think being in playing shape is going to be the most important thing.”

“So far everyday’s kind of different, the adjustment,” said DeRozan of now living in the bubble for the next month or longer. “The first 36 hours we were just in the room. It was good to be around the guys yesterday, take off the mask.”

“I read a book,” said DeRozan of what he did when he was quarantined for the first 36 hours. “I watched a lot of tv. Nothing too exciting.”

“It’s been good,” said Forbes of living in the bubble. “It’s better than I thought it would be.”

Asked what item he needed while in the bubble, Forbes said, “probably the most important thing is the PS4.”

DeRozan said before practice Saturday, the whole Spurs team wanted to address social justice.

“We sat in a circle for about an hour and discussed the social injustices,” said DeRozan. “For us to have that conversation yesterday after everything that transpired, it was special.”




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