DeJuan Blair takes swipe at Spurs during press conference


The Dallas Mavericks introduced former San Antonio Spurs forward DeJuan Blair recently and he had a subtle message for his former team.

When asked about a return trip to the NBA Finals, the newest Dallas Maverick said he does want to get back and in the process, took a jab at the Spurs. In a nutshell, he said San Antonio might have won their 5th NBA title had the coaching staff had him out on the court more versus Miami.


"Of course I want to get back. I don't think we've (Spurs) would have came up short if I would've played but, hey, keep that out there."

If DeJuan wants to re-ignite the Spurs-Mavericks rivalry of old, this jab at the Spurs might do it.

As for playing versus the Heat in the Finals, would Blair had made the difference? Unlikely.

The Spurs were seconds away from winning title No. 5 in Game 6 without DeJuan and forced Miami to a deciding Game 7. Granted the Spurs came up short in the end but Blair's contributions and toughness may have helped but were not going to be the difference maker.

Then again, with the way Tiago Splitter was performing in the Finals, could Blair have been any better had he gotten more playing time?

However, this jab at the Spurs is just another in a long list of times he complained about the lack of playing time while in San Antonio.

The first time the Mavericks and Blair will visit the Spurs next season will be January 8. I am sure Spurs fans will be there to give DeJuan a "warm welcome" back.

Thoughts Spurs fans?