DeJuan Blair: Stuck in elevators, compared to a rhino and more


San Antonio Spurs’ DeJuan Blair made his BC Krasnye Krylya Samara debut by posting a double-double (23 points, 11 rebounds) in a 98-83 win for the Redwings.

And while those kind of numbers show his adjustment with his new team is going smoothly, he is also adjusting to life in Russia as he waits for the lockout to end.

In an interview with, Blair opened up on a myriad of topics including breaking his cell phone, getting stuck in the hotel of a Russian hotel, being compared to a rhinoceros, Gregg Popovich and more. Here are a few highlights from that interview.

On receiving many offers from colleges:

There were so many calls. I just went into the room of his grandmother and smashed it. I went and bought a new one.

On his first game as a Spur:

In the first game I did a double-double – scored 28 points and 21 (rebounds). The excitement was not there. I just played.

On the difference between his play during the regular season versus the playoffs:

It is hard to play against the superstar. In the playoffs they are mostly, but one day I too will the superstar.

On his active Twitter life:

I can not say that I’m in a lot of twitter. Basically I play basketball, but when there is spare time, I go back and write. So I am resting and relaxing.

On his physique and being compared to a rhinoceros:

I know I’m a big, inflated. I try to always keep yourself in this way. I like that I likened to a rhinoceros.

On being stuck in the elevator of a Russian hotel: 

It’s okay. I was calm, absolutely not worried. It was not the first time I got stuck in an elevator, so I did not care. I sat there for about 30 minutes. All this time on Twitter, wrote a report of the elevator.

On Gregg Popovich:

Gregg Popovich, for me, as a father. If I do something wrong on the court, he takes off my game, I quickly (calm down), and I come back.