DeJuan Blair looking svelte


DeJuan Blair has seemingly struggled with the battle of the bulge since entering the NBA. It has even gotten to the point where San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich quipped about Blair's expanding waist line and his taste for fast-food burgers.

And now that the Spurs seem intent on trading Blair, perhaps it is serving as motivation for DeJuan as he is looking quite svelte lately.

Blair shared a photo of him recently and it is safe to say, he is slimming down and looking like he is ready to go wherever he may play next season. Check it out.

With Blair probably not going to be in a Spurs uniform next season (then again with the Lakers acquiring Dwight Howard, the Spurs can use another big body), it seems whichever team adds him to their roster, will get a sleeker, faster Blair.

But with the all-around play of Boris Diaw (who can also stand to drop some pounds), Blair will only continue to ride the bench instead of starting like he used to in past seasons. So him on another team will only serve to help his become a better player.