DeJuan Blair: ‘I’m not fat any more’


After starting off the season strong San Antonio Spurs forward DeJuan Blair slumped a bit late in the season and struggled with his weight admitting to his fondness of San Antonio’s Whataburger fast-food chain. Even head coach Gregg Popovich spoke to Blair about his expanding waist line and quipped about Blair’s fondness of burgers.

Although he was in Pop’s “doghouse,” to Blair’s credit he did drop some weight prior to the 2011 NBA playoffs but saw limited time on the court.

And now with the extra time off due to the NBA lockout, it seems Blair is not gorging on burgers and has been shedding some pounds. Blair made an appearance at a Pittsburgh high school football game and apparently he has slimmed down.

Blair looked good. Actually, looked in great shape. He must be working out a lot during the NBA lockout. “I’m not fat any more,” he joked.

Let’s hope Blair isn’t joking and did indeed slim down.

I am sure this will bring a smile to the Spurs’ coaching staff seeing how the “no-contact” rule is in effect during this lockout.

From playing in Russia to working out during the lockout, Blair is showing a commitment to staying in shape and be ready if and when the NBA resumes play.

Perhaps now Popovich won’t have fodder to make any sarcastic remarks about Blair’s waist-line.