Video: Spurs’ DeJuan Blair’s new dance, the ‘He B Gee B’


During this NBA lockout, many of the players have been participating in what they call “Plank Wars.” To plank means to lay stiff on ones stomach anywhere and get a picture of your pose, then tweet it so the entire world can see it.

Well leave it to a San Antonio Spurs player to take the 2011 lockout fun and games to a whole other level.

DeJuan Blair and the hip-hop group “P.O.P.” have put together a new dance called the “HE B GEE B.” I don’t know how to explain this dance so Blair will show you.

My goal is to learn the “HE B GEE B” dance before the lockout ends.

So while John Wall may do the “Dougie” during player introductions for the Washington Wizards, let’s hope Blair does the same next season and pulls out the “HE BE GEE B” when he is introduced.