Dear Erick Dampier


Dear Erick,

Are you that desperate that you have to come out and talk smack in the media about what you’re GONNA do.
Have you ever heard the phrase, “actions speak louder than words.”
Any fool can step up to a mic and act like a man talking about how they are going to “put a player on their back” but it takes a real player, not intentional harm to win games.
Your words are pathetic and your actions, 9 points and 4 rebounds in game two, pretty much match them.
You see, trying to harm a player is what punks do because they can’t beat that player or team. How about putting your boy Dirk on his back for averaging just 16.5 a game this series. Instead of resorting to weak tactics, how about stepping up yourself and talking to your team about stepping up.
Oh that’s right, you’re not even the best player on your team, you’re about fifth best if that, and probably the last person that should be trying to send any messages.
Especially to a three-time NBA champion, Finals MVP and All-Star who made you look like a center in some CYO League.
Better work out them ankles, Erick, because I predict you’ll be doing a lot more backpedaling in game three, just like you did in 2006 when Dwyane Wade ran all over you and your Mavs in the biggest choke job in Finals history.
And when you come to your senses and realize that your threats or statements come off as weak and desperate, don’t apologize to us or Tony, apologize to the Pacers for drafting you 10th in 1996 and apologize to Mark Cuban and Dallas, because about the only time you step up or show up is when the press is around.
-Michael A. De Leon