De Colo discusses playoffs, Westbrook, and more


Nando De Colo's first year with the San Antonio Spurs has been filled with inconsistent minutes, but this is the rookie guard's first year in the NBA playoffs and he seems to be taking in this new experience on a veteran team.

In an interview with, De Colo discusses various topics including the NBA playoffs, Russell Westbrook's injury, the differences between the Western Conference playoff teams, and more.

When asked about the different mentality between the regular season and playoffs as it pertains to intensity, De Colo had a very predictable answer about the Spurs.

it does not change much during the season in San Antonio. Gregg Popovich likes to give rest to his players, because he believes in them and trusts them so they will be ready for the game. I find that this is not necessarily different in season, because the Spurs always win games. But having said that all details are really put forward, because you know that you must win at least four games against each team.

He also weighed in on Westbrook's injury and if the Oklahoma City Thunder are now vulnerable.

Yes, considering the fact that they were first on the season and they had made the Finals last year, they were the favorite in the West.

The Thunder were the clear cut favorites for some to return to the NBA Finals, but now it's not known whether they'll be getting out of the first round of the playoffs yet. With Westbrook going down, the Spurs' chances have gone up to return to compete for a championshp while the Thunder's have dropped mightly and certainly made them vulnerable.

De Colo also comments about how good the Western Conference playoff teams are.

I think, perhaps 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th seeds are equal, and this can be seen with tight series between the Clippers and the Grizzlies. And then even between Oklahoma and Houston, since the injury to Westbrook. Just take the advantage away and it is practically won. Even in the East it is tight. At least on the first few games, but above all you need to know not to lose the games at home. And then when you play in 7 matches, the surprises are less frequent than in France or ACB (Spain Championship). You already do 3 good matches, and it's good. Even if it is not easy to stay focused on a range. But I like this system here: If you do something during the season, it really matters. You need to know to stay prepared mentally.

It seems Nando De Colo has put thought and has examined this season in the NBA, especially the postseason where the Spurs are looking to make their mark. Now that the Spurs are looking to rest their players, they'll be depending on role players like Nando for this run and it seems he's ready for the responsbility once he's called upon by reading this interview.