Dawson on the Summer League experience


Las Vegas — As the San Antonio Spurs finished their 2010 Las Vegas Summer League, I had a chance to speak with Eric Dawson and get his thoughts on the Spurs finishing undefeated (5-0) and his summer league experience with the Spurs.

Jeff: How would you assess your performance here in Vegas?

Eric: It was great. Played team ball. Before we came out here, we wanted to not worry about winning but play as a unit. When you play together, the results are good and we go 5-0.

Was finishing in the Summer League undefeated still in the back of your mind?

We wanted to take it. We wanted to go 5-0 and we wanted to sweep everybody.

Going 5-0 is actually a testament to this Spurs summer league team playing with out DeJuan Blair, and other key players. This has to tell you a lot about this squad.

We had our mind set to just take it to whoever and play as a team and play hard. The number one thing was to play defense.

How was it going up against Hasheem Thabeet?

It was my first time playing against him and I wanted to prove to everybody that I can take it to him. I had fun playing against him. Coach Bud told me to be physical, by aggressive and that’s what I did.

So what is next for you?

My options are open. Just waiting for anything to come around. Obviously I want to be in the NBA but if I don’t, I played in Japan last year they wanted me back but I am going to see what the NBA will do for me first.

Dawson finished with 14 points, had three steals, perfect from the free-throw line (6/6) and had two rebounds against the Memphis Grizzlies in the final game of the Summer League.