Davis Bertans Eager to Get Back on the Court


Injuries will always be part of athletics and no matter how many precautions are made to protect athletes.  Along with injuries comes the daunting road on the path back to each respective field of play.

Sometimes trainers need to protect athletes from themselves more than even the prospect of re-injuring themselves.  The same desire and drive of an athlete that brought them to pinnacle of their sport can also lead an extension of the recovery time for an injury.

San Antonio Spurs' foreign asset, Davis Bertans, appears to be doing a job at keeping the big picture in mind during his rehabilitation.  He appears to be close to getting his shot and conditioning back in game form by the following tweets sent out earlier this month.


But Bertans is still battling the urge to be on the court battling with his teammates and helping them when they need him most.


The desire to be out there battling with team as opposed to thinking about personal stats and glory is something that will allow him fit in with the Spurs when he finally makes it across the pond to the NBA.

So Spurs fans, how do you feel Bertans would fit in with San Antonio?