David Robinson defends Tim Duncan’s greatness


The San Antonio Spurs have the honor is having two of the NBA’s best big men ever to grace the NBA hardwood — David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

The two led the franchise to two of the four NBA titles (1999 and 2003) and are considered one of the NBA’s best ever frontcourt tandems.

Yet the two also share something in common: they never got the proper recognition throughout their NBA careers.

Countless times both players were never given the national exposure they deserved while other players grabbed the headlines for either all the wrong reasons or just because they made a few dazzling plays.

Robinson voiced his thoughts on the fact TD doesn’t get the attention he deserves and made a good point using New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin.

Just read a recent SI and David Robinson mentioned Jeremy Lin when Dan Patrick asked him where Tim Duncan ranks among power forwards. “At No. 1,” Robinson said. “His statistics will hold up against anybody’s. Two things go against him. One is being in a small market. Jeremy Lin plays great basketball for three weeks and he’s the king of the world. Timmy’s a monster and doesn’t get the publicity. And the other thing is his reluctance to seek the spotlight makes him even a greater person.”

Well said Robinson.

Lin makes headlines for a few solid performances, Metta World Peace gets headlines because of odd behavior, or Andrew Bynum grabs the spotlight for being immature or decking players on the court. Yet Duncan, who has been the consummate pro for years, still gets pushed to the back despite being a role model for all player’s to look up to.

Wake up media before it’s too late. You did it once when “The Admiral” retired don’t let it happen again once TD calls it quits.

Still good to see even after retirement, Robinson still is there to help Duncan.