Dating a Basketball Fan: How it Changes Your Life?

Dating a basketball fan can be the best relationship you’ll ever have if you know what to expect. This article will show you how dating someone who loves basketball affects your life. It will also provide tips on meeting a basketball fan seeking dates.

Where to Meet Basketball Fans?

Dating somebody who breathes basketball will certainly affect your life. If you’re a fan too, that means you’ll be dating your new best friend. You know your life will bloom in a relationship like that. If you aren’t a fan, your life will become better as well. You’ll have a passionate man next to you, and you might learn a lot about sports. But where to meet men like that?

Your chances are high in sports bars. Dress nicely, learn a thing or two about a game, and wait. They’ll be impressed, and soon free drinks will be on your table. Keep the conversation alive from there, and you may go home holding hands with a basketball fan.

Online dating is more popular among basketball fans than you’d tell. That makes dating sites the best way to meet them. This wild dating site opens the opportunity to get attention from a basketball fan online. But what kind of guy is “wild” every day? So think again, are you ready to date a basketball fan?

How to Get Attention From a Basketball Fan on Dating Sites?

Dating a basketball fan means dating a “wild” man. They’re so passionate about the game it will blow your mind. It’s contagious, so don’t be surprised if you become a fan too. But basketball fans aren’t wildly passionate just about basketball. Expect passion in every aspect of your relationship. Yes, you devil, in every single one.

To feel that passion on your skin, you first have to get their attention on a dating site. Having a fully written profile will help a lot. Tell them that you want to meet somebody who loves basketball. Make it all about basketball. Use some sports terms if you know them, and a matchmaking algorithm will make it easy for basketball fans to find you. Don’t forget to upload a nice profile photo. Wear a jersey or hold a ball. Fans are noticing things like that subconsciously. They won’t be able to resist the urge to send you a message.

What is the First Date with a Basketball Fan like?

After some wild online chatting, you’ll arrange a date with a basketball fan. Depending on how spicy your messages will be, that date will go in one of two directions. You’ll either meet and hookup immediately. Or you’ll meet and have a classic date. Visiting a sports bar is always one of the options, but try to avoid that. Bars are good for meeting basketball fans, but not for first dates. Being in a bar among other fans might make it feel less like a date and more like friends kind of a thing. It also might water down the conversation, so you won’t get to know each other as well as you could somewhere quiet.

There is a way to get the best of both worlds on a first date. Make it a basketball watching date, but at home. Snacks and drinks are included. Maybe even a tasty home-cooked meal. Turn the game on and see what happens. You’ll be able to talk about anything you want while watching a game. Maybe the game will be so good your blood will boil. Then you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other. Remember, basketball fans are wildly passionate.