Da’Sean Butler’s comeback


It’s going to be a long journey before Da’Sean Butler gets his NBA career started. via: hillcountrynews.com

Butler looked set for stardom after an amazing college career at West Virginia. He was such a heroic player that he was once called “the most clutch, clutchiest clutchster that ever clutched,” but after a devastating injury in the NCAA tournament during his senior season, things weren’t ever going to be the same.

Butler’s draft stock plummeted and he wasn’t until the second round by the Miami Heat. He was released a few months later. Butler was then signed by the San Antonio Spurs, saw no playing time, played overseas during the lockout, and was then released before the NBA season even started.

Then he signed with the Austin Toros.

Playing in Austin, Butlerhas started his comeback. Returning from a severe injury like he is, there’s going to be some jitters and a lot of kinks to work out before he’s ready for the big time, but he’s getting there. Toros coach Brad Jones says Butler is doing well, and even improved in an important area.

“The knee is fine,” Jones says. “What I’m most excited about is how well he can shoot. He shoots better than I thought he could.”

Currently, Butler is averaging 10.8 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.0 assists in 29.4 minutes of action for Austin. If Butler continues to improve like he is, he could finally make that NBA debut soon. He took the long road, but it’s going to be such a great story when he finally gets there.