Danny Green: ‘I’m still here’ in Slovenia (UPDATE)


San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter indicated that he is more than likely to return to San Antonio Spurs next week, but his fellow Spurs teammate Danny Green is still with Union Olympia in Slovenia.
Though the text was difficult to translate, Green did indicate that he’s taking his days “match by match” and indicated “At this moment, I’m still here,” referring to playing in Europe.

I guess (it) will happen soon. My agent did not mention it (returning to the Spurs) before we talked. But I repeat, my thoughts are currently aimed at Olympia. I want to help the team to the best of my ability.

Green also tweeted about a loss on Sunday which meant he continued to play in Europe after knowing about the tentative end of the lockout on Friday.

Rough game tonight btw, took an L…didn’t play well but got another chance on weds…feel like Sh*t

Though NBA practice facilities are set to open today, don’t expect Green to be one of the players there from day one. The article continues to say that both Green and his coach have yet to hear anything from the Spurs. Green might be unaware that team executives are permitted from speaking with players until a new CBA is completed.

As for Green, he’ll continue to play basketball overseas until he gets some sort of communication from the Spurs.

I’m here to play basketball.


Green has tweeted he is coming back home to New York. His days in Slovenia are over.

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