Danny Green adapting to European style of basketball


Once the NBA lockout was announced, Danny Green decided to take his talents overseas and play for KK Union Olimpija in Slovenia. And as photo: siol.netGreen waits for the lockout to be over and return stateside, (and perhaps return to the San Antonio Spurs) adapting to a new style of basketball has had its challenges.

Recently, Green had his best outing for Olimpija pouring 23 points in a win over Prokomom. After the game, he spoke with siol.net to discuss how he has been adapting to the style of play.

Aside from talking about regaining his shooting touch, Green admitted he is still trying to adapt to the European style of play.

“I’m still adjusting. I’m still getting used to it. It’s different. It’s totally different. Adjusting to the defensive physicalness. Because sometimes they allow some things to go and sometimes they don’t. Some games I get into foul trouble. So that’s the biggest adjustment for me is try to play good defense without getting into foul trouble.”

This experience for Green is only going to do wonders for his basketball development. Especially if he is learning to improve upon his defense. Something which should put a smile on Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich.

But Green isn’t the only one adapting to life on and off the court overseas. DeJuan Blair got a taste of playing ball in Russia before parting ways with the team, Detroit Pistons’ DaJuan Summers didn’t like playing in Italy at all, and Denver Nuggets’ J.R. Smith learned first-hand that communist China really doesn’t like social media outlets.

Seems all NBA players riding out the lockout overseas have had their fair share of stories adapting to life overseas.