Daniels: “I had the number 50 jersey and everything.”


Boston Celtics’ Marquis Daniels reflected on his younger days growing up and playing basketball in an interview with CSNNE.com. In the interview he mentioned his favorite player was San Antonio Spurs’ legend David Robinson:

“So my favorite player, up until I was about 9 years old, was [San Antonio Spurs great] David Robinson,” Daniels told CSNNE.com. “I had the number 50 jersey and everything.”

Pretty flattering for Robinson; however, my only gripe is he was Daniels’ favorite player up until he was nine years old? Come on Daniels. Robinson should be your all-time favorite player. Robinson was one of the NBA’s most dominant players and his basketball resume is something any player wishes they owned.
Regardless, this is a nice compliment from Daniels and like Robinson, I should just be thankful someone considered a Spurs legend as one of their favorites.