Custom George Hill shoes


Spurs fans have seen their share of custom San Antonio Spurs merchandise, from the “Obi-Wan Ginobili” shirts, Tony Parker/Spiderman shirts and the Lord of the Rings shirts.

But custom Spurs merchandise is not limited to just the kind that covers your back. You can also find some unique shoes on the web as well, and I’m not talking Tim Duncan’s skeleton shoes or Manu Ginobili Argentina shoes either., a company that specializes in custom footwear, has put Spurs guard George Hill’s likeness on a pair of Nike Air Force One’s.

A drawing of Hill, tattoos and all, adorns one side of the Nikes while a Spurs logo is on the other. Another version has Hill’s name and number on the other side.

While there is not any information on the purchase of the shoes, you can design your own custom shoes, select the size, brand of shoe, and budget and give the artists at your concept and they’ll get to work on it. 

Hill shoes