Cuban wary about getting pushed into San Antonio’s Riverwalk


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban can certainly rile up San Antonio Spurs fans.

Throughout the Spurs-Mavs rivalry, Cuban has usually been at the forefront at the rivalry (second to Jason Terry) and it would be an understatement to say Spurs fans do not care for him or his verbal-shots about the Spurs or the city of San Antonio.

It wasn’t long ago Cuban remarked about San Antonio’s famed Riverwalk by saying it was an “ugly, muddy-watered thing.” Later, he even suggested he would start up a website called “I Fell In The Riverwalk” where people can post their photos of falling into it. 

Well it seems Cuban is at it again about the Riverwalk except this time, he was steering clear of the tourist attraction.

While in San Antonio for the recent Spurs-Mavs game, Cuban thought about heading for a stroll along the Riverwalk but decided not to out of fear someone might shove him into it (via Dwain Price of the Dallas Star-Telegram).

Seeing how Cuban is a person Spurs fans love to hate, chances are high Spurs fans might clamour at the chance of some payback. However, Spurs fans are much better than that and would welcome Cuban on the same river he has bashed in the past.

So feel free to walk the Riverwalk next time you are in San Antonio Cuban. No really. I am sure no Spurs fans will be ready with cameras in hand at a chance to snap a photo of you in the Riverwalk.

Such a shame the Spurs and Mavs are done meeting in the regular season. However, there is the possibility of the two Texas team meeting in the playoff. You thinking what I’m thinking Spurs fans?