Cuban doesn’t care about Spurs getting Jackson


Though the San Antonio Spurs lost last night to the Dallas Mavericks 106-99 in Dallas, it also was the debut of newly acquired Stephen Jackson.

Jackson, a favorite among Spurs fans, finished with five points, one assist, in 17 minutes in his Spurs debut and should prove to be an upgrade over Richard Jefferson (who was sent to the Golden State Warriors) once he gets back into the rhythm of the Spurs’ system.

But don’t tell that to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban who just added more fuel to the Spurs-Mavs rivalry.

When asked about his thoughts by Dwain Price of the Dallas Star-Telegram on the Spurs adding Jackson, Cuban sniped back saying he could not care less.

OK Cuban, obviously you don’t care about any other team other than your Mavs but there is a chance the Spurs and Mavs will meet in the playoffs and I am sure if that happens, you will care about Jackson wearing black and silver.

About that extension, well let’s leave that to the Spurs’ front office.

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