Cousins to Duncan: ‘(Expletive) you’re good’


Sacramento Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins is an emerging big man in the NBA. The second year big man is averaging 17.5 points, and 11.1 rebounds in 48 game for the Kings this season and is showing a much cooler head this season than his rookie season.

And last night he faced the best power forward ever to play in the NBA — San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan.

In that matchup, Cousins had a fantastic game against Duncan and the Spurs recording 25 points and 11 rebounds, he couldn’t contain himself when it came to telling TD exactly what he thinks of him.

“(Expletive) you’re good,” Cousins recalled saying.

Indeed Cousins, Duncan is that good!

If any young forward/center wants to learn and emulate how to work the paint, get teammates involved, and realize how effective the basic fundamentals can be effective, then they all need to look no further than Duncan.

Albeit Cousins has the ability to produce on the court, but what he can stand to learn from TD is composure on and off the court. Cousins has had unsavory locker room incidents with his teammates, and tends to lose his cool. Though this season he has kept himself in check but maturity goes a long way in an NBA player’s career.

Never has Duncan had these type of incidents in his NBA career. Cousins could stand to learn this from TD over any post move, or bank shot. That will take Cousins to another level. A high precedent level set by Duncan.