Could the Spurs whip Blatche into shape?


Andray BlatcheThe Spurs have been searching for that solid, backup big man for a long time. Someone who can complement Tim Duncan and provide the size the team needs down low. Quality posts are hard to come by in the NBA these days, so would it be worth it for the Spurs to take a chance on a big guy with a less than stellar track record?

Andray Blatche just got amnestied by the Washington Wizards. The 6’11” power forward sat out the second half of the season last year because his team said he was out of shape and they didn’t need him. Let that sink in. The Wizards, who went 20-46, said someone was not good enough to play on their team.

His lack of conditioning was only the final straw in a string of knuckle-headed moves by Blatche. You can check out a list of some of his “finest” moments, which include getting arrested for solicitation of prostitution and hosting “Lap Dance Tuesday” at a local strip club.

Is there a point to all this other than to laugh at another’s misfortune? Well, I’m getting there.

Since Blatche was amnestied, there are a few teams under the cap that can bid to pick him up off the wire by this Thursday. Chris Mannix tweeted the list: Cleveland, Houston, Minnesota, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento and Toronto, but he predicted that none of these teams would throw out an offer.

So Blatche should hit the free agent market. Which means the Spurs could get a new post player for cheap.

Honestly, this guy does have some talent, it showed for about half a season. He just covers it up with all the stupid stuff he does. Maybe with a professional organization and a disciplined coaching staff like the Spurs, he could finally reach his full potential. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Spurs could get this guy for next to nothing and then turn him into something special?

Now I’m not saying this could, should or would happen, but maybe in the land of fantasy hypotheticals it’s fun to think about. At the very least, he’d be entertaining for six weeks before Coach Pop kicked him to the curb. The Spurs have prided themselves on smart personnel moves for years, maybe it’s time to try something stupid.