Could Jackson, Parker be teaming up again in France?


Could former San Antonio Spurs player Stephen Jackson be joining Tony Parker’s French team ASVEL during the lockout?

Well according to, Jackson has expressed an interest in playing in France but ASVEL’s GM Laurent Foirest says talks on Jackson joining the team is not a priority and it hasn’t been discussed with team VP and part owner Parker:

“We have not talked about this player [with] Tony Parker,and this is absolutely not the priority.”

Foirest went on to say it would be ideal to limit NBA players coming to ASVEL due to financial concerns as well as not disrupting team chemistry:

“Our team is made and we do not want to destabilize.Besides it would be ideal to have as few foreigners as possible and we are a little “ric-rac,” financially”

As for Parker himself playing for his own team, Foirest went on to say Parker will not make a decision until the pre-Olympic qualifier is over and there’s a 1% chance he would play for ASVEL in September.