Conversation With The Enemy: Part II


Like they say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  

Last month Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass and I had a conversation on the Spurs and Lakers going in the new NBA season.  In continuing my watchful eye on the Spurs’ number one threat in the Western Conference, we got together again to discuss our first impressions on the Spurs and Lakers.  I dig to find out information on Pau Gasol’s injury status, ask if Lakers nation has finally taken notice of the Spurs after their game against the Hornets, and poke fun at Lamar Odom’s “marriage.”  Please note this conversation was after the Spurs-Bulls game.  Enjoy.

JEFF: Rey, you see that Spurs bench against Hornets?  Got to make you worried as a Lakers fan.

REY: Indeed. But what happened against Chi-town last night?

JEFF: Spurs couldn’t board, lacked energy, and got out-hustled. When freaking Noah and Brad Miller are causing troubles for SA, you know it’s not going to end well.

REY: Do you worry about young, athletic teams like Chicago? I mean, the older legs of San Antonio will have trouble keeping up with teams like that.

JEFF: I still say I am going to chalk this one up to lack of chemistry with the new guys.  But already that’s two games where SA comes out flat.  Plus I am so going to be watching the back-to-back games.  You’re right.  The younger teams might just run on SA.

REY: I wouldn’t worry too much until 20 games into the season. You’re right that there are still people getting acclimated with a new system. I mean, look at Cleveland. They may be 0-2 but that team’s going to come back strong.

JEFF: Exactly.  Way too early.  Also RJ isn’t looking good so far.  He went 1-7 in the Hornets game and, in the Bulls game, hit only 3 field goals.  He is attacking the rim but isn’t finishing.  Should Spurs fans be worried?

REY: At least, he’s attacking the rim, right? Spurs fans shouldn’t be worried just yet. But I’m pretty sure people already are. They always think of what people have done lately. In fact, I’m waiting for your Rodeo Trip because that’s when San Antonio kicks it up a notch.

JEFF: I know it’s a marathon but Spurs can’t be losing these games.  A loss here and there might cost them later.


JEFF: Now your Lakers got their rings which make me hate them more.  I refused to watch that ceremony.

REY: As I mentioned in your Spurscast marathon, a couple of my boys went to the bathroom when that went on. I just happily watched and ate some more wings.

JEFF: So LA played one game and what did you see?  Any concerns?  Yes, I am spying on the Lakers camp for Spurs fans.

REY: In this early stage, I think what Phil should do is keep one of the big guns on the bench when one is injured. In this instance, Pau Gasol is hurt. They started Odom and it left the bench pretty empty. A line-up of Farmar, Brown, Walton, Powell, and Mbenga isn’t going to scare anybody. They’re all professional players but any one of them doesn’t exactly scream All-Star… or even middle tier at the moment.

JEFF: Spurs fans want to know how long Pau is going to be out?

REY: By the time this entry is up, he may be back. Right now, it’s Friday and he’s not playing against Dallas. He may be back Sunday against Atlanta.

JEFF: As a Laker fan, what did you see in SA these first two games that would worry you as a Lakers fan?

REY: Their depth is obviously outstanding. I think Doug Collins mentioned that this may be the deepest Spurs team in history. I also noticed that they had already used 11 guys by the second quarter. They can put in absolutely anybody in the game and they’d be fine. While Lakers have depth, too, I’m not sure if I can say that about them. I just told you their monster line-up earlier. Do you agree with Doug’s assessment?

JEFF: I agree but, again, we saw in the Bulls game, SA went on an offensive drought.  We need the bench to come in and not suck ass.  For example, Parker was SCORELESS in the second half of the Bulls game.  Unacceptable.  That’s where we need the bench.  Guys like Hill, and Mason need to step up.

REY: At least, Pop is playing Hill, right?

JEFF: Sure but not enough in my opinion.


JEFF: So what’s the latest drama in LA?  Did Sasha marry the Kardashians’ Mom?  Did Phil bone another daughter of someone in Laker’s management?

REY: Can you give that another week maybe? Wait a sec. Did you see the matching tattoos of Lamar Odom and that Kardashian chick?

JEFF: Get out. No, I didn’t. Seriously, why?  That’s like the death sentence for any relationship.

REY: Check this out. It must be love.

JEFF: Well, let’s keep these distractions going for LA.  You know Spurs fans will keep hoping for more distractions for the Lakers.

REY: This is what I have to put up with. When is George Hill going on his latest adventure? When is Richard Jefferson going to leave someone hanging?

JEFF: Dude, I was surprised he didn’t “ex-fiancee” the Spurs and drop out moments before Spurs opening night.  And no porn pics from Hill.

REY: Ha ha ha ha. I’m just glad I didn’t see those. Did you?

JEFF: Unfortunately, I did.  Had eye surgery to repair the damage.


REY: Still early but, man, did Tim Duncan look good out in the court for you guys.

JEFF: If the Spurs kept feeding him in the post we might have had a shot at winning.  Bulls did not have anyone to contend with him.

REY: So I’m guessing he’ll be the equalizer for all those young, athletic teams.

JEFF: Indeed. So you like the new Lamar Odom commercial with him, Magic and Worthy?

REY: Oh, geez. In any case, I wonder if they actually give a year’s supply of dip or something.

JEFF: What’s the over/under for Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s marriage to last?

REY: I’ll say by All-Star break. What you got?

JEFF: I say by the time the reader finishes reading this post.

Thanks to Rey for once again joining me in Spurs-Lakers discussions.  Though as a Spurs fan I doubt you will but please visit The No Look Pass for all news on the Lakers.