Coach Pop says stop whining


I was watching the Bulls-Heat game yesterday when I muted it for a moment to watch a video on my computer. After the video was over, I looked up and on the screen was a quote from Coach Pop.I only caught a glimpse of it and by the time I un-muted the TV they were done talking about it, but the impression I got was, “Uh oh… a reporter must have asked Pop another dumb question.”

Because here was the response:

“Are you married? How does your wife put up with you? She has to. She has no choice for now. It’s the same thing here. You’ve got no choice. Quit your crying and just deal with it. Just deal with it and shut up. That’s the best way,” Pop said.

Since I’m at my in-law’s house and they don’t have DVR, it wasn’t until today that I found out he said that in response to a question about the lockout. We all know that the condensed schedule is taking its toll on players as well as coaches, but since it ‘s the same for everyone Pop just decided to make a joke about it. He did follow up with a serious answer though, talking about how this year is different than what he’s used to.

“My daily schedule is different,” he said. “Our staff meetings and approach and when we do things is different now because of the rapidity of games. The teaching logistics have changed. We’re cramming in less than normal. The time is so short. With those young kids you need to keep repeating some things before you put new things in. Think back to your algebra class. If you went too quickly, and it’s the fourth week and you didn’t know (what was taught) the second week, you’re screwed for the whole year.”

As usual, you never know what you’re going to get when you ask Pop a question, but that’s the (terrifying) life of a reporter covering the San Antonio Spurs. As the season rolls on, we can only hope that the grueling schedule doesn’t put the Spurs head coach in a permanent bad mood.