Coach Corbin confident Jazz can beat Spurs


Tonight the San Antonio Spurs will host the Utah Jazz in what could be a preview of a first round matchup between the two teams. Currently, the Spurs are sitting atop the Western Conference with the best record while the Jazz are two games out of the eighth spot in the West playoff race to over take the Denver Nuggets.

And with the Spurs and Jazz playing a rare home-and-home series starting tonight (Spurs play in Utah tomorrow) in a way, this is a mini-series between the two teams.

But if Utah’s head coach Ty Corbin is intimidated by the West’s number one team, think again.

Corbin feels this back-to-back series with San Antonio will allow Utah to figure out just how to beat them.

“We think we have a good chance to win,” Jefferson said. “In a way, it helps that we’re playing them back-to-back. It gives us some insight as to what they want to do, how they want to run offense and what they want to do defensively.”

The key to beating an efficient San Antonio team? Defensive smarts, Corbin said.

“We have to know where the shooters are,” Corbin said. “We have to get out to the shooters. When they swing the ball, we have to be attentive. And then, we have to know where the third guy is. It’s got to be a complete defensive effort.”

Well It is good to see Corbin flow with confidence if you are a Jazz fan but this season proves otherwise for Utah.

The Jazz have lost both meetings this season against the Spurs, and as you can see, the Spurs handle the Jazz.

But the reverse can be said. The Spurs can also use these next two matchups with the Jazz as a way to get to know how Utah operates.

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