Chat with Spurs’ Buford


Today at 2 PM CST, San Antonio Spurs’ General Manager R.C. Buford will be joining for a live web chat. You can send your questions to Buford here at 2 PM.

Per the NBA lockout, Buford is not allowed to talk or comment on any NBA players. So if you’re thinking about asking the question, “What do you think of Manu’s play thus far in the FIBA Americas?” save it for a non-locked out chat session.

One of the biggest basketball moves Buford has made this past summer is his role as one of the Board of Director’s for Peace Players International which is a group that is using basketball to bridge the conflict in the middle east and other parts of the world through the use of basketball to the youth.

Remember Spurs fans, you can’t even write, “Are you all looking for a deal to trade Richard Jefferson or put Tim Duncan in a freeze tank to preserve his body?” 


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