Cavs’ Thompson felt guarding TD was a ‘great experience’


First it was Indiana Pacers’ Roy Hibbert expressing his delight about training with San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan and now Cleveland Cavaliers’ rookie Tristan Thompson talks about his lockout-training with TD.

Thompson spent time in San Antonio, learning from arguably the best power-forward ever to play in the NBA and as expected, the rookie thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“I was working out two times a day and also going up to San Antonio and working out with Tim Duncan and the Spurs guys in town,” said Thompson.

“It was a great experience – guarding Tim Duncan. He’s a Hall of Famer. Plus, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. It gave me a good taste of what the NBA is about.”

Indeed the ex-Longhorn got a real good taste defending Duncan and I’m sure TD took the youngster to school during their training sessions.

However, you got to hand it to Duncan. Here is one of the games best players ever taking time out to help Thompson and Hibbert hone their skills to be successful on the court. They don’t make them like TD anymore and this just adds to the stellar legacy he will leave behind once he hangs up his sneakers.

Now, let’s just hope TD didn’t teach Hibbert or Thompson everything in his repertoire which can come back and haunt the Spurs when these two face San Antonio this upcoming NBA season.