Catching up with Humbie


With the San Antonio Spurs’ season coming to an abrupt end, I figured it was a good time to catch up with friend of Project Spurs, Sports Reporter Humberto “Humbie” Cervera from San Antonio’s News 4 WOAI.

Humbie has been a regular here at Project Spurs and he isn’t shy about telling it how it is when it comes to the Spurs which has caused some ruffling of Spurs fan’s feathers. However, don’t fret, he is a big Spurs fan.

Make sure to also check out his blog, appropriately titled “Humbie’s Blog.”

In this Q&A, we talk about the Spurs’ regular season, what he would do if he was the Spurs’ GM, Tony Parker, and more.

Jeff: Though you predicted the Spurs would sweep the Grizzlies, you were one of the few throughout the season to not put too much credence into the Spurs performance and record. What made you have that feeling throughout the season?  

Humbie: Well, I had thought the Spurs would be able to roll all over the Grizz. I thought Manu was going to be healthy and play in all the games. Neither of those happened. Even though I picked the wrong ending to that series the same thing I’d been saying about them all year came true. (Just two rounds earlier than I thought.) The lack of depth in their frontcourt was their downfall. They got owned down low and they had little to no chance of winning that battle down low. Maybe with a healthy Manu they can overcome that mismatch, but without Manu being great…. it was over.

So here we are, an early summer vacation for San Antonio. If you can be the GM for one day, what would two things you would do to improve the team?

They’ve gotta get bigger. There is no way around it. The only problem is that they have limited resources to actually do that. The only REAL trade-able piece to get a big man that will make an impact is Tony Parker. So, I’m not sure I would realistically be able to do if I were in that seat. All they can do is hope a decent big falls to them in the draft or they can sign someone for the mid-level. 

What was your initial reaction when you read about Tony Parker’s comments at the Spurs regarding their championship window, age, and how he was the most trade-able asset?   

Tony is right on all of those things. I think it’s funny he said it in the media. I’m not going to rip him for it. I actually applaud him for being honest about all those subjects. We all ask our athletes to be honest and candid, then people rip them for saying something slightly controversial. Good for him for honestly answering questions. I just wish they would’ve been available after the season was over so WE could’ve asked those same questions.

The Spurs have a knack for finding gems late in the NBA Draft. Do you see that will happen again in a weak draft?  

I think each year the Spurs find that gem its someone that we’ve never heard of. I can’t really say if they will find another guy that we’ve never heard of, but they have a good track record of doing it.

Aside from illegal avenues, can you think of any possible way for the Spurs to rid themselves of Richard Jefferson and his contract? Unless you think he deserves another season to prove himself?  

The only chance they would have to get rid of RJ is to throw him into a trade with Tony or maybe George (Hill). The other side of it… throwing him into the deal would mean another team would want to give the Spurs less. The only real chance they’ll of moving RJ is in the final year of his deal when his contract will be expiring.

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