Camby To San Antonio?


As we near the trade deadline, there will be more and more discussion on all of the possibilities there are, 99% of which won’t happen.  Sports Illustrated just posted a rundown of all 30 teams, and while they don’t think San Antonio will be making any moves, I think there is a very real possibility.

According to SI, the Spurs payroll is sitting at $68 million.  History dictates that San Antonio isn’t going to venture too far from that number, but it isn’t going to stop them from making a move.

Popovich complains about the defense every year, but it seems to me that the claims are more valid this year.  We seem to have had an excellent offseason on the perimeter, adding Mason and Hill to the team, but the frontcourt is still lacking.  Duncan, as always, is doing his thing.  Bonner has stepped up nicely to fill the role Horry had, and more.  Unfortunately, I’m not seeing what I’d like out of Oberto, and Thomas simply isn’t playing enough to get any kind of a groove.  Furthermore, unless Udoka decides to show us anything soon (he only achieved 6 points against Denver in 31 minutes), he will become expendable.
San Antonio was rumored to be interested in Michael Redd, but I think we’d have to give up Ginobili to make that happen, and I don’t foresee that happening, especially after Redd’s injury.

Enter the Clippers.  There is talk floating around that Camby is available for an expiring contract.  In trades, everything is subject to negotiation, and for the pieces each team has, particularly healthy pieces, I think something can be arranged, Oberto and Thomas for Camby seems reasonable, maybe with a bit of cash or a second round pick changing hands too. 

This move frees up some of the challenge in finding minutes for Camby, Kaman, Randolph, and Thornton in LA.  It also gives them some flexibility with all of the injuries they have on the team.

Meanwhile, San Antonio gets a significant upgrade to play alongside Duncan.  We aren’t currently getting a lot of offense out of the position, so that’s a scratch, but it could take a lot of defensive pressure off of Duncan.  It also provides another mentor for the developing Mahinmi, much in the same way Rodman helped Robinson develop on the glass.

The Spurs can always use some athleticism, and Camby is definitely athletic.  He is also known for injuries, but if any coach can massage the minutes to minimize that, it’s Popovich.

What are you thinking as the trade deadline nears?  Is Camby a good/bad idea?  Would we be better off targeting someone else?

Update:  Using ESPN’s Trade Machine, the numbers work when trading Vaugh, Thomas, and Oberto for Camby.

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