Buford responds to Parker, Jefferson trade rumors. George Hill on the trading block?


Ever since Yahoo reporter Adrian Wojnarowski sparked the internet rumor that the San Antonio Spurs were looking to trade point guard Tony Parker, madness has ensued in the internet world. There was the initial report of Parker to the Kings or Raptors for the fifth or seventh pick. Then this morning, there was a report of the Kings offering forward Omri Casspi in a deal for Parker. Finally, right before noon, another report broke out that Parker could only be traded if Richard Jefferson was included in the deal as well.RC

Mike Monroe of the San Antonio Express news has made communication with Spurs General Manager R.C. Buford on all of the madness that has been going on.

“We’re not shopping anyone,” Buford said, via text message. “We’ve received calls on a lot of our guys and we’ve answered the phone.”

An executive of a team not involved in the discussions said he had no knowledge that the Spurs were seeking deals for Parker, but confirmed the belief they were “gauging the interest” of teams that called about him.

A basketball executive of another team said the Spurs were unwilling to discuss trading Parker to the Raptors unless they agreed to also consider taking small forward Richard Jefferson.

As for the Parker to Sacramento rumor from this morning, Monroe got more incite. 

An NBA official familiar with the Kings’ discussions with the Spurs called a deal involving Parker “a long shot.”

As the clock keeps ticking until tomorrow nights NBA Draft in New York, there will still be several other rumors and “sources say” reports inflowing throughout the internet. Project Spurs will continue to deliver the fastest information possible leading into Thursday’s draft.

Want one more?

A source on twitter, @DraftExpress, recently said the Spurs have offered George Hill to either: Milwaukee for their 10th pick, Golden State for their 11th pick, or Utah for their 12th pick.

Rumor, speculation, or is there some truth to it? The remaining two days will remain very interesting.

(Photo: SloanSportsConference.com)