Buford fine with keeping Lakers out of Sloan conference


RC BufordThe MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference has quickly become a favorite of stat geeks, scribes and executives in the sports industry.

The conference is in full swing up in Boston and several NBA owners and executives are either speaking or attending the event, including San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford.

It didn't take long for those in attendance, including Buford to crack on the Los Angeles Lakers, who are the only NBA team without a representative at the conference.

“If we can keep the Lakers out, that’s fine with us," Buford quipped at the team's absence.

Mike Zarren, assistant GM of the Boston Celtics also piled on adding that it's not a bad thing they aren't at the conference.

Buford, and other Western Conference representatives are likely hoping they can also keep the Lakers out of the playoffs.

GM Daryl Morey, who co-chairs the conference, has his Rockets doing their part, with a 2.5 game advantage for the eighth place after last night's rout of the Dallas Mavericks.