Bucks’ rookie working out with former Spurs


It’s not uncommon for NBA rookies to seek out some help and guidance from NBA veterans and retired players before they enter the league. Take for example Milwaukee Bucks rookie Tobias Harris.

According the Journal-Sentinel, Harris worked out with some former San Antonio Spurs to help improve his game during the lockout.

And did he get the right former Spurs for the job — George Gervin and Dale Ellis.

“[Harris] traveled to San Antonio several times during the lockout to work with former Spurs great George “the Iceman” Gervin … And Harris worked out on a regular basis in Knoxville with former Tennessee and NBA player Dale Ellis.”

“We’ve really been working on my jumper,” Harris said of his sessions with the sharpshooting Ellis. “I’ve been taking 1,000 shots a day, shooting on the move, making moves off the dribble. It has become a strong point for me.”

These workouts will no doubt be a huge help. Ellis has always been known as a great shooter, and as a forward, it will be extremely beneficial for Harris to have an outside game to complement his athletic ability. Working with “The Iceman,” one of the greatest scorers of all time, will ensure that Harris will be ready to contribute to the Bucks in his rookie season.

It’s great to see young players making good decisions right off the bat. Not only was Harris working out hard during the lockout, he also went back and took some more classes at the University of Tennessee. This kid is already getting a lot of positive praise, I’m excited to see what he makes of his career.

So don’t be surprised if you see highlights of Tobias performing the “finger roll” in Milwaukee. But then again, no one can finger roll like Ice!