Bucher: “I can see Tony potentially being moved”


Since the beginning of the NBA offseason, San Antonio Spurs’ guard Tony Parker has been at the center of trade rumors involving the New York Knicks.

This past weekend his wife Eva Longoria-Parker was reported to have said Parker would like to come to New York.

Today on The Doug Gottlieb Show, ESPN’s Ric Bucher spoke about the Parker to Knicks rumors and had this to say:

The problem is that if he is going to go now, they (Spurs) would have to trade him and New York does not have anything that San Antonio¬†wants. So if Tony wants to go to New York in particular, then he’s going to have to wait until he is free agent.

I can see Tony potentially being moved but having him go to New York is probably the longest shot around. I know from the Spurs stand point that they looked at New York’s roster and they go ‘You know what? There’s not a deal for us to make there.'”

Indeed there is little the Knicks can offer the Spurs for Parker. The best piece was possibly David Lee but he has signed with the Golden State Warriors. They do have Wilson Chandler who could be another small forward to back up Richard Jefferson but the Spurs would want more in return for the former 2007 NBA Finals MVP.

Here is the complete Knicks roster and as you can tell, there is not much they can offer for Parker.