Bryant’s wrist is feeling better


A lot of people criticized Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant for playing with an injured wrist, saying he was only going to make it worse and he should just sit out a few games so it would heal. Kobe obviously didn’t want to listen, and hasn’t missed a game yet. Not only that, but in his last two games he’s scored 48 and 40 points, he currently leads the league in scoring and he says his wrist is getting better.

He also wanted people to know that even with the injury, he’s still capable of holding is own. 

“I scored back-to-back 40’s with a (bleeped)-up wrist,” Bryant said. “What does it matter if it’s still (bleeped)-up in the playoffs?”

That Kobe is always such a gentleman. 

Obviously he was a little ticked that people were doubting his ability. He wants everyone to know that this torn ligament in his wrist is not going to hurt his chances of winning. So far, it hasn’t. The Lakers are 8-4 and sitting on top of their division, silencing all the doubters that thought the Clippers were going to be the best team in L.A.

Other Western Conference teams (such as the San Antonio Spurs) can’t enjoy hearing that not only is Kobe thriving with his injury, he’s recovering from it at the same time. People wrote off the Lakers as the team that would tank this year, especially when their star got hurt in the preseason and so far they’re proving everyone wrong. The Lakers are still a top-caliber team in the West and Kobe is still Kobe, everyone should take notice.