Brazilian team Flamengo no longer looking to sign Tiago Splitter


Citing the poor global economic climate, the director of basketball for the Brazilian team Flamengo Arnaldo Szpiro said the team has ceased their pursuit to sign San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter.

“The crisis ended any possibility of the coming of the Splitter. The partners are afraid to invest large sums.”

However, Flamengo is not without an NBA player during this lockout. The team was able to sign Leandro Barbosa but even Szpiro said the team was fortunate to sign Barbosa.

“If it were today, for example, not even Barbosa would come, “said Szpiro.”

And although Flamengo has stopped looking to sign Splitter, Splitter still may end up playing in Brazil during the lockout. According to the report, Brazilian teams Brasília and Pinheiros have show interest in signing him.