Brazil Hides Splitter Injury?


After what seemed like two subpar performances in Splitter’s last two games in the World Championships, Team Brazil made bombshell announcement today.  According to team doctor Carlos Andreoli, Splitter suffered a leg injury that caused his minutes to be substantially cut down against Croatia, but that he was forced to play through in the team’s biggest game yet against Argentina last night, a game in which Brazil suffered a close defeat in a game that lived up to every bit of its hype.

In his latest contest, Splitter managed ten points and five rebounds in 25 minutes of play versus Argentina.  A performance that had many Brazilian fans and Spurs fans alike scratching their heads can now be chalked up to an unknown injury to his right thigh, supposedly suffered during team workouts prior to the Croatia game.  According to team officials, he was cleared to play against Argentina, but still didn’t see the kind of minutes that he saw earlier in the tournament.  The fact that he was forced to play through the injury is something sure to upset Spurs fans as they await his arrival in San Antonio, an arrival that fans would prefer him to make with two fully functioning legs.

It was supposed to be a showdown between the Spurs’ biggest miss, Luis Scola, and the Spurs’ highest expectations, Tiago Splitter.  Sadly, due to injury, fans missed out on a great matchup.

Splitter managed only five shots from the field against Argentina, but spent more time at the free throw line than he has in his previous contests at the World Championships and, in his best effort there yet, he went an impressive six for eight.  One thing we have learned in her performance in this tournament is that his free throw shooting is streaky at best however, much like Tim Duncan, he seems to be able to make them when it counts.

As the World Championships come to an end for Brazil, Splitter will have an opportunity to rest and recuperate before he reports to Spurs training camp.  Spurs fans, this was your first look at a big part of the Spurs’ future.  What do you think?