Bowie State center on Spurs’ radar


HymanIf you ask any San Antonio Spurs fan what the team needs most, you’ll likely hear size and youth above anything else.

The Spurs could have their eyes on a player that could fill both voids in Bowie State center Travis Hyman, according to the Severn Patch.

Hyman, mostly an unknown, has garnered some interest for playing at the Nike Pro City League alongside top college players and even a few NBA players like Brandon Jennings, Greg Monroe, Jeff Green, Greivis Vasquez. Ty Lawson and Kevin Durant.

Hyman is an athletic 7-foot 245 lb. center, but he’s versatile enough to bring up the ball and even pull-up from the perimeter on occasion.

“I just want to play against a higher level to make me better,” said Hyman who helped lead Team Takeover to the division title with a 6-2 record during the regular season.

“A lot of people are really surprised that [Hyman] plays at Bowie State but he’s a force,” said Team Takeover Coach Butch Hazel. “He’s going to surprise some people on the national level I think.”

Hyman is catching the attention of NBA scouts from the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder and should garner more attention this season.

At Bowie State last year, Hyman averaged 15.2 points 9.5 rebounds and 4.2 blocks per game.

Hyman is still flying under the radar a bit, which could play into the Spurs’ favor, but he may start to get more attention from pro scouts after his summer performances.