Bowen elected into San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame


One of the men that will be inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame early next year is a no-brainer for San Antonio Spurs fans. Bruce Bowen is a big reason why the Spurs won three NBA championships in the last decade. Since he joined the team in 2001 until he retired in 2009, he was a thorn in the side of every opponent’s leading scorer. He was frustrating and ruthless, a great competitor that gave his all every night for the Spurs. 

As an opposing fan, you hated Bruce Bowen. Words like “cheap” and “dirty” would be thrown around to describe him, but it was really just annoying that he was locking down your best player. Sure, he would get his jabs in here and there, but it was part of the game, it was what made Bowen an exciting player to watch.

Bowen will join many other former Spurs such as Sean Elliott, Avery Johnson and David Robinson in the S.A. Sports Hall of Fame. He has meant just as much to the city of San Antonio as anyone else and he’s very deserving of the honor.

The four others that will be inducted into the S.A. Sports Hall of Fame next January are former pro football player David Hill, former St. Mary’s softball pitcher Leticia Morales-Bissaro, East Central High School boys basketball coach Stan Bonewitz and retired Army Lt. Col. John Russell.