Bonner trying play for Canada


When you think of global basketball powers you might automatically think the U.S.A., Argentina, or Spain but not Canada.  Well Canada, you’re in luck! Why? Because San Antonio Spurs’ forward Matt Bonner is trying to get his Canadian citizenship in time to play in Turkey at the World Championship this summer.

Bonner, the once Toronto Raptor, fell in love with the country and is trying to get Canadian citizenship in time to play with team Canada for the World Championships in Turkey this summer. Here is what Canadian Men’s National Team coach, Leo Rautins, had to say about Bonner:

In his two seasons as a Raptor (2004-05, 2005-06) Bonner fell in love with Canada, Toronto, curling (honestly) and a Canadian woman. The couple have married and Bonner’s trying to get Canadian citizenship in time to play in Turkey.

“He’s dying to play and we’re keeping our fingers crossed,” says Rautins of Bonner, who averaged 7.0 points and 3.3 rebounds for the Spurs last season.

Should Bonner get his citizenship in time for the World Championships in Turkey, he would join Miami Heat forward Joel Anthony, possibly Jamaal Magloire, and son of Canada’s coach, Andy Rautins, of Syracuse.  

Native Canadian Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns is doubtful to play for Canada in Turkey but who needs a two-time MVP when the possibility of Bonner playing for Canada should make other competing teams quiver in fear.

In past summers, other Spurs played for their home country such as Tony Parker for France and Manu Ginobili for Argentina and it caused great concern for Spurs fans.  Granted I know he is a free-agent but I am sure Spurs fans will be just as upset over Bonner possibly playing for Canada in the summer instead of resting. Right Spurs fans? Hello? Why am I hearing laughter?