Bonner Believes Spurs’ Championship Window Isn’t Closing


via foxsportsradio.comA common dilemma facing contending teams is when to use resources to keep the team in contention versus knowing when to sell off pieces to help you rebuild for the next championship window.

The Chicago Bulls have felt that it is always better to trade an aging superstar or a key role player a season or two early as opposed to having them retire a Bull, Scottie Pippen’s time with the Portland Trailblazers and the Houston Rockets providing proof.

David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili are examples that the San Antonio Spurs don’t subscribe to that philosophy and are focused on winning as many titles as possible with their current core players.

During an a recent three day trip over to the Philippines with the NBA Cares program, Spurs' Matt Bonner provided spoke with a handful of scribes after an activity with the kids at the Mall of Asia Arena.

One of topics addressed was the window for the Spurs to get another championship banner.  Bonner stated that the Spurs’ attention to fundamentals and acquisition of players with high basketball IQ are practices that ensure the team will field a consistent title contender in the near future.

“Every year, people would always say that we’re too old but we always proved them wrong “

The Spurs lack of turnover in the front office's two main key spots (head coach, owner and general manager) provided the team with the discipline to stick with their blueprint.  By not having to look over their shoulders, the front office was able to bring in players who not only compliment their core players but also able to carry the load when needed. Making the right basketball play, regardless of what it does to a player’s statistics, has always been a top priority for the Spurs.  Either players did this or they would find a seat on the bench away from Coach Popovich .  This philosophy helped the Spurs maintain the excellence that was started with the first title team in 1999.

So Spurs’ fans, how do feel about the notion that the Spurs’ championship window is rapidly closing?