Bogut speaks the truth


Milwaukee Bucks’ center Andrew Bogut weighed in on which team he feels is the most impressive and let’s just say he scored some major points with San Antonio Spurs’ fans:

The Bucks are a good team to ask. They’ve played Utah, Denver, Orlando, Miami, Dallas and San Antonio this month. Keyon Dooling still gives the nod to the Lakers because of their depth and their status as reigning champions, but Andrew Bogut says the San Antonio Spurs are the most impressive team they’ve faced so far.

“[The Spurs] have a unique system, where they really spread the scoring load,” Bogut said. “Then at the end of the game they’ve got Ginobili. I think they’re playing real well. That was tough for us. … They’re going to be a tough matchup in the playoffs.”  (source

Bogut would know first-hand about the Spurs being a tough team. In the last meeting between the Spurs and the Bucks it took a Ginoibili last-second shot to seal the victory for San Antonio.

Now will someone please tell Dooling he might want to reconsider his pick.