Bobcats' Jackson feels like he's in San Antonio again


SJStephen Jackson of the Charlotte Bobcats has already begun working in the off-season by losing weight and being a leader for the younger players on the Bobcats by putting in his time at the gym. Jackson recently spoke with the media in Charlotte and said he feels like his body is getting back to the shape it was in when he won his only championship.

Here is what he told

I feel great. I mean, it’s the best I’ve felt since I’ve been in the NBA. Like B.J. said, I feel like I’m in San Antonio again, as far as weight-wise and body-wise. I just feel great. I just want to continue to stay on top of it and be ready to play.

It’s great to see a former San Antonio Spurs player refer to his time in San Antonio as one of the best of his career after eight years. Don’t forget, he was key for the Spurs in their march to an NBA title in 2003 with clutch three point shooting.

Jackson is showing his leadership in Charlotte today. He has made major maturity strides in his career from the long journey he has gone through. If he keeps this up, he might be making his first All-Star game next season while leading Charlotte back to the playoffs. Albeit if there is a next season.