Bloguin’s NBA-A-Thon #1



One of the first thing I saw when I first started reading other NBA blogs and when I started Project Spurs was the Carnival of the NBA.

Don of With Malice, one of the blogs I highly respect and have read for some time now, decided to start Bloguin’s version of the Carnival of the NBA.

Given the amount of NBA blogs on Bloguin, and the depth of quality within that group – a few decided to begin the Bloguin NBA Carnival, which will be named “Bloguin NBA-a-thon”.

This first NBA-a-thon features several NBA blogs including Project Spurs. It should be noted that the George Hill post, featured at number 6, should be credited to Project Spurs’ newest full-time staffer, Robby Lim.

NBA-a-thon #1