Bloguin NBA Power Rankings – Edition 7

Through out the year, we’ll ask our esteemed Bloguin Basketball blogs to vote on the NBA from top to bottom. The NBA season is winding down, with less than a month left on the calendar. Who’s in and who’s out of the playoffs? Here is what the Bloguin NBA Bloggers had to say…
– The Cavs are right fully #1.  Per the 1.1 overall average, everyone voted them to be the top team, except one person.  I wonder who that could have been…

– A variety of teams had no placement movement: The Cavs, Lakers, Jazz, Thunder, Blazers, and… Nets.

–  The Nets staved off infamy for the time being, by not having a consecutive 30.00 average ranking.  Who didn’t vote them last?  Egads!

– The biggest gainer was the Milwuakee Bucks, up 8 spots from the last edition of the rankings.
– Biggest Loser?  The Raptors, down 9 spots from the last edition.
– After such a promising start to the season, the Grizzlies are free falling.  Which begs to ask, how are they still 16th with no shot of making the playoffs?
– Somehow the Bobcats (#14) are six spots higher than the Bucks (#20), despite the fact that the Bucks are currently in the playoffs in the East, while the Bobcats are not. #mindboggling
– The Bobcats get no love at #15, only one spot above Memphis.  Or perhaps Memphis was just ranked way, way too high.
– The TWolves are back down to #29.  I think it’s even arguable for them to be that high.  The Nets have more talent.
For the complete rankings click HERE.
Without further adieu, here are the top 10 teams and where the Spurs placed on the rankings:
RankingTeamLast poll
ChangeRecordAvg Ranking
The cream of the crop, but will they be the last ones standing when the smoke clears?  – Hoop Heads North
RankingTeamLast poll
ChangeRecordAvg Ranking
I keep looking for that signature win, but I think what’s going to happen is a slow build, getting some steam up for the playoffs.  I’m satisified with that. The reality of the situation is that LA’s not going to catch Cleveland for the #1 the NBA.  But nor are Denver & co. going to catch LA.  Relax, and play ‘ball.  Get ready for the Playoffs. – With Malice…
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
With all the Hedo and Vince talk, it still looks to be Dwight and the Magic vs LeBron and the Cavs to decide things out East. – Stepien Rules
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
Yeah, I know. Dissing Dallas. But I still don’t believe in their ability to beat pretty much ANY team across a seven game series. Hey, Denver are GOOD. – With Malice…
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
Still the most legitimate contender that no one believes in. They’re on everyone’s short list, but I think they could beat the Lakers. Look for them to play very well in the playoffs. – Favre Dollar Footlongs
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
The Jazz will be in for a tough play-off match up against Phoenix, should it all stay the same. – With Malice…
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
What’s the over/under on the Hawks catching/passing Boston? They’d better, do they want to face the Bucks in the first round? –  With Malice…
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
AARP age is 65. 65 games is also about the time when the Celtics start showing their age. They are nowhere close to being contenders in the East. Look for an early exit. – Favre Dollar Footlongs
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
Actually playing some VERY high octane basketball at the moment, but they STILL can’t spell D-E-F-E-N-S-E… much less play it. –  With Malice…
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
When the TWolves inevitably move to Las Vegas or Seattle, this is becoming my new favorite team. – TWolves Blog
RankingTeamLast pollChangeRecordAvg Ranking
The whole Richard Jefferson experiment didn’t work out too well, did it? – TWolves Blog