Blair’s agent says next season possibly last with Spurs


According to KABB Fox San Antonio, Happy Walters, agent of San Antonio Spurs forward DeJuan Blair, has told the station in an exclusive interview that this coming 12-13′ season will likely be Blair’s last with the Spurs.

“Next year, it’s his choice on what he wants to do, and chances are he wouldn’t be in San Antonio, obviously”, said Happy Walters, DeJuan’s LA based agent.

Walters told the station based on the moves the Spurs have made in the offseason, it seems like they won’t keep the final year of his contract, which a non-guaranteed year. But if the Spurs do keep Blair, Walters and Blair don’t think he’ll be able to find a significant role in the rotation.

“Pop (Gregg Popovich) is a good coach and well respected, and he doesn’t need to answer to me or Dejuan.  But Pop made his decisions for whatever they were, and as far as I know, he hasn’t sat down with DeJuan and told him why.
Based on who they’ve signed, it doesn’t seem like they’re planning on keeping him, or if they do keep him this year, he’s not going to be a big part of it.  They are certainly planning on life without Dejuan, with who they’ve signed.”

Those “moves” the Spurs have made are mainly the decision to give Boris Diaw a new two-year 9.2 million dollar contract. When Diaw was signed in late March, he was the one who made such a significant impact that he took over Blair’s starting job, and Blair found himself last on the bench in terms of the frontcourt rotation.

Walters told Fox that Blair is in the best shape of his life training in Las Vegas, and according to the report, General Manager R.C. Buford said Blair or his agent have yet to ask for Blair to be traded.

On Wednesday, I wrote a column discussing the possible options the Spurs could look into doing regarding Blair’s future. 

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