Blair shows support, sympathy for Kevin Ware


It was one of the most gruesome injuries in sports history when Louisville's Kevin Ware's right leg buckled and snapped as he was contesting a shot during the Midwest Regional final against Duke on Sunday.

Several of his teammates and coach Rick Pitino were overcome with emotion when the injury occurred but all Ware reportedly said was for his team to win the game.

From former NFL QB Joe Theismann to millions on Twitter,  the outpouring of support for Ware was immense even from San Antonio Spurs' DeJuan Blair who tweeted his support for Kevin.

As Blair mention, he isn't a stranger to bad injuries. After various surgeries in high school, Blair was left without any anterior cruciate ligaments in his knees. Now he is playing in the NBA and has proven he is capable to playing at a high level. 

This should serve as inspiration for Ware to see that an athlete, like Blair, can play on basketball's biggest stage despite suffering major injuries.

The good news is Ware had successful surgery, the bone was reset and doctors have stated it is not a career-ending injury.